creative concepts

Pete Kmech and Monica Forss, owners of the Canadian-based distributor CREATIVE CONCEPTS Promo Marketing Agency, recently announced their decision to affiliate with iPROMOTEu, a network of independent promotional products distributors in the United States and Canada.  Kmech and Forss are veterans of the industry and their company is a top producing distributor organization.  CREATIVE is seeking to run an extremely efficient operation with more focus on sales and marketing and less on administrative tasks.  According to Kmech: “Our experienced team of 16 marketing professionals and staff searched the industry for a comprehensive software and support system that would allow us to continue to grow rapidly.  We learned that iPROMOTEu’s investment in technology was second to none.  Therefore, we felt comfortable moving our large national web-stores onto their sophisticated platform.  This integration allows for less duplicated tasks and more time allotted to sales and marketing.  We are excited to grow with iPROMOTEu and continue our market leadership.”

Creative Concepts was originally founded in 1976 by Pete and Monica’s father as a traditional distributorship.  Kmech said that “being able to continue to build our iconic CREATIVE brand while tapping into the buying power and sophisticated software of iPROMOTEu will provide us the necessary tools to run a lean and profitable agency.  We recognize that for a distributorship to be successful today, it is now required to be even more efficient and streamlined than ever.  iPROMOTEu allows us to accomplish this goal.”

iPROMOTEu is a service provider to experienced independent distributors.  Its network consists of more than 1,100 distributors and salespeople throughout the United States and Canada.  iPROMOTEu provides its affiliates with a host of services enabling them to operate their distributorships more efficiently and more profitably.  Kmech said “our staff have used a host of ERP systems in the past 10 years and iPROMOTEu is leading the industry in fully integrated online store software and simplified order entry and processing for custom orders and fulfillment.”

“I am excited to welcome Pete and Monica and their entire team to the iPROMOTEu family.  Pete and Monica enjoy widespread praise from the promotional products industry, and I am flattered that such high-caliber professionals have decided to affiliate with iPROMOTEu,” remarked Ross Silverstein, iPROMOTEu’s President and CEO.  iPROMOTEu was founded in 1999 in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts.  The company has evolved over the years into one of the industry’s leading distributor organizations with annual order volume of approximately $174 million in 2017.  iPROMOTEu continues to grow rapidly in terms of both number of affiliates and annual sales. Each iPROMOTEu independent distributor affiliate owns and operates its own distributor business and does so using its own name and identity. “iPROMOTEu is the industry’s very best economic and lifestyle arrangement for experienced promotional products distributors,” commented Silverstein.