PROMOting Your Success

If you’re selling promotional products, you know it’s more than a full-time job. You have relationships to maintain, orders to manage, and vendors to meet. Plus, you have to manage finances, personnel, marketing, sales, and more. It’s a heavy burden — one that leaves distributors and salespeople juggling multiple tasks rather than doing what they should be doing: selling.

In 1999, iPROMOTEu set out to change this model for good. The promotional products industry is a relationship industry. Not only do you have to provide great options and pricing for your customers, but you also have to deliver on time, every time. Those relationships are what matter most, and everything that we offer is designed to help you build more of them, make them stronger than ever, and make them more profitable.


And, it’s all available to you with no dilution of your current business ownership. We believe that your independence is your greatest asset, and we will never get in the way of you building relationships with your customers. We’ll have your back from the moment you join our company — no strings attached.

We know that our Affiliates are what drives our business forward, and we are here to help you succeed. We offer a number of services to take your non-revenue-generating tasks off of your plate so you can focus on selling products, building new relationships, and growing your current customer portfolio. Learn more about our Affiliate resources and tools below.



With financial backing from iPROMOTEu, no order is too large. Sell confidently without concerns over credit limits or cash flow. Order financing allows large orders without worrying about credit applications, pre-payments, deposits, or using personal capital.


Say hello to your new office staff. Our team will keep track of your vendor orders, assist with special or rush requests, manage invoices, provide accounts receivable support, and more.


iPROMOTEu provides its Affiliates with four promotional products company store offerings to enable E-commerce sales opportunities. Learn more here.


Looking for even more support? Our team assists with everything from training and problem resolution to virtual assistance and even sales support to help you grow faster.


Award-winning marketing campaigns, collateral, training seminars, expert coaching, sales development, and business strategy — all of these and more are available to you to help you make an impact and grow your business.


The iPROMOTEu Preferred Vendor Program (iPVP) connects you to more than 200 of the best vendors in the promotional products industry, providing discounted pricing, easy ordering, superior service, and reduced risk.


iPROMOTEu provides best-in-class technology such as a customized order management system, eCommerce solutions, an integration system with vendors, a complete CRM, an Affiliate-only resource hub, a customer payment portal, and more.


We will never stop providing you with what you need to succeed. Take advantage of free access to industry trade shows, professional development services, shipping and insurance, graphic design, and more.