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You’ve come to the right place. iPROMOTEu provides services and support to help you take your hard work to the next level so you can become a promotional products distributor working for yourself. For more than 25 years, iPROMOTEu has helped hundreds of salespeople start earning more money — now, it’s your turn.

The portion of the gross profit that a salesperson pays its distributor is an important reason why a salesperson may want to consider affiliating with iPROMOTEu. Typically, a salesperson gives up approximately 50% of the gross profit earned on every order.

For example, a salesperson on a 50-50 split selling $1,000,000 annually at a 35% gross profit margin will give away $175,000 to its distributor. As an iPROMOTEu Affiliate, you’ll earn roughly 50% more. Instead of earning $175,000 as a salesperson, you’d earn approximately $270,000 — an extra $95,000 or roughly 54% — as an iPROMOTEu Affiliate.

Our Earnings Calculator illustrates how much more you can earn as an iPROMOTEu Affiliate compared to your earnings as a salesperson. Simply enter a few details about your sales, and our Earnings Calculator will calculate the results in a few seconds.

Earnings ROI Calculator

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This calculator estimates potential earnings based on the information you provide. Results are illustrative of your potential earnings and are not a guarantee of actual earnings as an iPROMOTEu Affiliate.

You Stay In Control At All Times

iPROMOTEu is not a franchise organization. We believe in empowering our Affiliates to remain independent and operate their businesses the way they see fit. All the long, hard hours you’ve invested into building your customer list and establishing strong relationships should continue to reward you and remain completely under your ownership. Everything we offer is designed to help you realize the benefit of your hard work.

Additionally, iPROMOTEu will never ask you to sign a non-compete agreement or any other restricting contract that keeps you from doing what you do best and reaping the rewards. There are no long-term agreements — just the support you need to start your own distributorship and grow it with the advice, support, strategy, and services from both an experienced leadership team as well as a supportive community of iPROMOTEu Affiliates.

We know you have a number of options available when you’re considering starting or moving a promotional products distributorship. We believe that when you learn about what we have to offer, iPROMOTEu will be on the top of that list. If you decide to affiliate with us, we will do all that we can to uphold that promise and make you feel welcome. You’ll gain a supportive network that wants to help you succeed.

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“iPROMOTEu is a no-brainer. It means, simply, more money in our pockets. More selling time, more support, better systems and record keeping, great marketing suggestions, and the nicest people in the industry.”

Jeff B. | San Diego, CA | Affiliate since 2007

“iPROMOTEu has provided us with such unbelievable support; I cannot imagine not having them in my corner.”

Larry S. | Affiliate since 2010

“Affiliating with iPROMOTEu is the best decision I’ve ever made. My life is easier, my business is more profitable, and I’m having a great time.”

Kevin C. | Affiliate since 2008

“After fifteen years of selling for a distributorship, I decided I wanted to go off on my own.iPROMOTEu was the best decision in terms of controlling my brand, work day, and company direction.”

Jon W. | Affiliate since 2022

“I operate under my own name and identity. My customers belong to me now and forever. There are no restrictive provisions. I can terminate my affiliation at any time (not that I would ever want to). The service and support are excellent. I wish I affiliated years earlier. I love iPROMOTEu.”

Mark Q. | Affiliate since 2008

“I have been affiliated with iPROMOTEu since 2004. I was with a franchise organization before iPROMOTEu. I did a lot of research before joining, and I can you tell you that my years at iPROMOTEu have been great. They are a wonderful team to work with. I always feel like they are building the network for us and that they are always fighting to make our jobs easier. As long as I am in the industry, I can’t ever see leaving. There is no one who offers so much for such a reasonable cost.”

Greg C. | Affiliate since 2004


Everything we do is designed to help you grow your business and realize long-term success. Ready to take your business to the next level?

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