iPROMOTEu is proud to announce that it has been named to the PPAI 100 list for the second consecutive year. Extensively researched and objectively scored, PPAI 100 is the highest recognition Promotional Products Association International bestows on its members. The prestigious list ranks 100 exemplary distributors and 100 exemplary suppliers in the promotional products industry.

“The companies that have earned PPAI 100 are trailblazers. And not just for our industry,” says Josh Ellis, PPAI Media’s publisher and editor-in-chief. “They represent the state-of-the-art in business leadership, practices and philosophy. PPAI 100 is a holistic approach to viewing business performance – the companies it elevates earned their ranking through careful consideration of every aspect of their organization – and represents true leadership. PPAI is proud of all of the companies recognized and of what they say about our industry.”

“I am honored that iPROMOTEu earned the number 11 distributor ranking on this year’s PPAI 100 list,” said Lori Bauer, iPROMOTEu Chief Executive Officer. “Moving up two spots in one year reflects the commitment and expertise of our staff as well as the tremendous sales growth and success of our Affiliates. I am grateful for the support of the iPROMOTEu Affiliate network and our team is highly motivated to continue providing exemplary resources, tools, and services to help further grow their businesses.”

The PPAI 100 ranking, and our place on it, is based on several factors. Revenue is a key facet of the scoring, but other aspects of organizational excellence are also considered, including business growth over time, corporate social responsibility, technology practices, the strength of firms’ workforces, employee happiness, industry faith and beyond.

iPROMOTEu scored higher than every other PPAI 100 distributor in the Online Presence category. For the category, PPAI partnered with leading online metrics platform SEMrush to investigate and score promo firms for their web prowess. The category also takes into account the ability for customers to easily interact with a company online, access what they need, and engage with content that enhances their regard for the promo industry as a whole.

“Our affiliates conduct a huge portion of their business online, so we prioritize engaging with them where they are,” says Dave Kneram, Senior Vice President of Technology at iPROMOTEu. “The team is also continually improving and adding functionality to iSUITE and iSUITE Mobile platforms based on Affiliates’ feedback, so we’re always innovating and supporting their business objectives.”

“We’re in a relationship-based business, and we embrace the idea that relationships can be built and strengthened online,” Bauer says. “It’s a lesson everyone learned during the pandemic, but our team is fearless when it comes to trying new approaches and making ideas come to life. iSUITE Mobile is an excellent example of our team running with an idea and developing it into a robust tool that makes it easier for our Affiliates to manage orders, access supplier details and conduct business efficiently, right from their phones.”

PPAI announced the PPAI 100 Suppliers List on May 14, 2024, and the PPAI 100 Distributors List on May 21, 2024.