2024 DunkFest

iPROMOTEu Announces DunkFest 2024 Winners

An iPROMOTEu Affiliate from New York is this Year’s Champion

WAYLAND, Mass. – DunkFest, the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament challenge exclusive to the promotional products industry, officially ended last week when the University of Connecticut (UConn) took home the win over Purdue on April 8, 2024. 230 participants from across the United States and Canada entered brackets for a chance to win DunkFest 2024. This year’s top ten finishers included brackets from seven distributors, one supplier, and two iPROMOTEu staff members.

The overall DunkFest 2024 winner was Mickey Mann of Image Packaging, an iPROMOTEu Affiliate from Elmira, New York. Mickey correctly selected three of the final four teams, predicting UConn would face off with Purdue in the Championship. His bracket was in the top 99.8 percentile of the record-breaking 22.6 million brackets completed in ESPN’s Men’s Tournament Challenge. Long-time Affiliate and iPROMOTEu Hall of Famer, Duane Chase of Sir Logo, and Lance Stier of NC Custom had the second-best selections, each finishing with 99.2 percentile brackets.

Following Mann and Chase, three people tied for third place in the distributor division. Laurie Self of IMS Retail, Brett Lewis of Brett Lewis Promotions, and Kyle Kalma of Q Group each had brackets in the top 98.8 percentile. In the supplier division, Jason Adams of CHIPS Inc. finished in second place behind Stier, and Richard Spector of Spector Marketing Group LLC submitted the third-place bracket. iPROMOTEu staff members Rachel Silverstein and Carrie Lewis also finished in the top ten. Commemorative trophies will be awarded to all the winners.

“The iPROMOTEu team looks forward to DunkFest every year to connect with our Affiliates and peers from across the industry,” says Lori Bauer, iPROMOTEu CEO. “After 16 years, DunkFest continues to be a celebration of the camaraderie and friendly competitive spirit that make the promotional products industry unlike any other.”

iPROMOTEu started DunkFest in 2008 to generate enthusiasm, networking, and connection among those working in the promotional products industry. The annual tournament challenge draws hundreds of participants every March.