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You’re Already Great at What You Do, So Why Not Start a Promotional Products Business?

It’s time to take things to the next level and start a promotional products business. Maybe you’ve reached the peak of what you can accomplish with your current distributor. Or maybe you just want to take control of your future. Whatever your goal may be, the opportunity to increase your income, work the way you want to work, and enjoy a better quality of life is available to you at iPROMOTEu.

For the past 20 years, iPROMOTEu has helped countless salespeople transform their careers by becoming affiliated distributors with our organization. Today, more than 1,100 distributors and salespeople throughout the United States and Canada have affiliated with iPROMOTEu, and more and more are making the switch every day.

We understand that you can only achieve your career goals in this industry if you have the freedom to operate as you see fit and the financial success that comes from your hard work. At iPROMOTEu, you’ll have the opportunity to you to start a promotional products business without needing to invest in a support staff, take out business loans, or bog down your busy schedule with non-revenue-generating activities. We handle all of that for you.

Let’s take a look at several ways iPROMOTEu helps salespeople transform their businesses — and their lives — for the better.

Why You Should Start a Promotional Products Business

1. You Become Your Own Boss

One of the greatest reasons to start your own promotional products business is to do what you want to do — how you want to do it. When you become your own boss, the future is wide open to you. The sense of enjoyment and accomplishment that comes with entrepreneurship is unmatched — as are the rewards. And as an iPROMOTEu distributor, you have total independence to run your distributorship as you see fit. Everything from the name and brand of your distributorship to how you run your daily operations is at your discretion.

We even provide business management and strategy consulting and support to help you take your distributorship where you want it to go. Our leadership team includes highly knowledgeable executives with decades of industry experience — experience they put to use for our Affiliates’ success every day. When you start a promotional products business with iPROMOTEu, their expertise and guidance is available to you whenever you want it.

2. You Get to Focus on Selling

You’ve already built a successful book of business, and now, maybe you’re thinking it’s time to take things to the next level. Unfortunately, many salespeople — and even distributors — are still responsible for a plethora of burdensome administrative tasks that simply take up too much time and stifle revenue. While these tasks are important, and distributors are responsible for ensuring those functions are performed, they don’t need to be 100% of your focus.

At iPROMOTEu, we recognized the opportunity to shift the balance in Affiliates’ favor by taking administrative functions off of salespeoples’ and distributors’ plates. We know that you can only make progress when you’re allowed to do what you both love and need to do, and that’s sell. When you start a promotional products business at iPROMOTEu, you gain the support of numerous teams with years of industry experience in these key areas of business operations.

From handling your order processing and customer payments to assisting with order followup and marketing strategy, we provide the air support so you can be the boots on the ground — meeting with customers and prospects and closing more deals.

3. You Earn More Money

You’re not in this industry because you like handing up to 50% of your gross profit over to your distributor-owner. Why should so much of the fruits of your labor go to someone else — someone who may not even be providing enough support to make such a contribution worthwhile? Especially when you could be keeping 100% of the gross profit on your own orders.

As an iPROMOTEu Affiliate, you would retain all of the gross profit on your own sales. You would earn more money as a distributor than you would as an Affiliate. The opportunity here is endless, too — as you grow your business, add more sales team members, and invest in your business, your reach extends further — and your income increases.

4. You Build Wealth for the Future

As a salesperson, you’re an employee of a distributor — someone who owns their own business, which is an asset for them. If you were to retire or leave the business, all the hard work you’ve done building a customer base stays with that distributor-owner. You get nothing from it going forward. If that distributor were to retire, however, he or she would be able to sell the business to someone in the company or to another organization. Clearly, it’s to your advantage now and in the long-term to start a promotional products business.

At iPROMOTEu, the business you create has its own name, brand, and customer base. We ask for nothing and require nothing other than an annual fee and payment for specific services. There are no long-term contracts, and you can disaffiliate if you so choose. However, as many of our Affiliates have already shared, we think you’ll enjoy being affiliated with our organization.

From the day that you start a promotional products business with us to the day that you decide to retire or sell, the freedom to make these types of decisions remains with you. When you’re ready, you can consider selling your business to receive funds that you can then use however you wish — whether that’s as retirement income or start another business.

5. You Enjoy a Better Quality of Life

Ultimately, your decision to start a promotional products business is about how you want to work and live. As a salesperson working for a distributor, you’ll always be handing over a portion of your effort and earnings to someone else. No matter how hard you work or what you achieve, a percentage of the rewards will never be yours.

But if you’re ready to take control of your future, if you’re ready to start earning even more money as an iPROMOTEu distributor, if you’re ready to start spending more time with family and friends and do the things you love — then iPROMOTEu is the place for you. We believe in you, and everything we offer supports that belief. All you have to do it take the first step.

Ready to Start a Promotional Products Business?

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