Need an extra hand but not quite ready to hire a full-time employee just yet? The iPROMOTEu Virtual Assistant Program (VAP) might be just right for you. Instead of hiring additional staff when you need more support, the iPROMOTEu VAP provides you with a knowledgeable administration professional with years of promotional products industry experience. Virtual Assistants are trained on iPROMOTEu systems and are familiar with our company policies and procedures. 

How the Virtual Assistant Program Began

The Virtual Assistant Program came to be an iPROMOTEu service offering in a very non-traditional way. Candace Plunkett, Vice President of Affiliate Services and Virtual Assistant Program Manager happened to be the very first Virtual Assistant. 

Having been in the industry and knowing Ross Silverstein, President & CEO of iPROMOTEu for years, Candace found herself in a position that wasn’t the best fit for her. So when she contacted Ross, he felt like her industry experience would be invaluable when it came to helping iPROMOTEu affiliates, and so he decided to bring her on board. It worked so well that they established the Virtual Assistant program that Candace has been running for the last 7 years.  

Admittedly, Candace says she wasn’t the greatest Virtual Assistant. “I more so looked at the big picture when it came to things.” Ross eventually asked Candace to take on the onboarding process for the program and she soon began hiring additional Virtual Assistants. “We’re now up to 12 Virtual Assistants working remotely all across the country as 1099 contractors.”

Virtual Assistant Program Services

Because Virtual Assistants are independent contractors and work directly for you, they can do almost any task related to the iPROMOTEu business. Take the time to discuss projects and tasks with your assigned Virtual Assistant in advance to ensure that expectations are clear and the support you’re looking for is within the Virtual Assistant’s skill set.

The Virtual Assistant Program provides an experienced industry professional to assist with a variety of tasks, allowing you to focus on the more important things in your life and for your business, such as time for family, revenue generation, and much more. 

The experience level of each Virtual Assistant is a big benefit. “The biggest success factor for iPROMOTEU’s Virtual Assistant Program is that our Virtual Assistants are industry-trained, with at least 5-10 years of industry experience,” said Candace.

The following are a few ways in which the Virtual Assistant Program can assist you and your business.

  • Product Research
  • Order Entry
  • Order Management
  • Supplier Interaction
  • Customer Communication 
  • Invoice Approvals
  • Problem Resolution
  • Database Management
  • Prospecting Support
  • Social Media Support

How the Virtual Assistant Program Works

There are two ways to utilize the Virtual Assistant Program. You can either purchase a block of hours each week, or you can hire a Virtual Assistant on an as-needed project-based model. The most cost-effective and reliable option is to purchase a block of hours. This model also offers the most success in the program. 

Typically, most Affiliates purchase five hours a week. This allows you to develop a working relationship with your Virtual Assistant and guarantees that he or she will be available for the number of hours you’ve purchased. When committing to a minimum of 5 hours a week for 10 weeks, the VAP costs $30/hour. The hourly price increases to $35/hour when used on an as-needed or per-project basis, with availability not guaranteed. 

With that being said, the Virtual Assistant Program provides total flexibility for your business, allowing you to choose the number of hours you want to use the program for and for how long of a period of time you want to be a part of the program, whether it’s only for a week-long project, a span of a couple of months, or even up to multiple years. 

Are you interested in joining the Virtual Assistant Program? Take a second to read an iPROMOTEu Affiliate testimonial below and contact Candace Plunkett for more information. 

“Delegation is not one of my strengths – I knew my business would not grow if I did not learn to let go and the iPROMOTEu Virtual Assistant Program was the perfect solution. I’ve been a part of the VAP for over three years, and some days they are one step ahead of me! The VAP enables me to travel, go to meetings, and trade-shows with a complete sense of comfort, knowing someone is there attending to my client’s immediate needs,” says Rochelle Moneta, iPROMOTEu Affiliate since 2013.