2022SupplierShowcase D.C.

Twenty-Five Top iPROMOTEu Affiliates Meet with Leading Industry Suppliers 

WAYLAND, MA iPROMOTEu, one of the largest and fastest-growing distributors in the promotional products industry, recently hosted its second of four 2022 Supplier Showcases. This second Showcase was held at the Park Hyatt Regency in Washington, D.C. 

iPROMOTEu’s Supplier Showcase series brings together twenty-five of iPROMOTEu’s top Independent Distributor Affiliates and representatives from leading industry suppliers for group networking and one-on-one meetings. During these meetings, suppliers learn about each Affiliates’ business and gain a deeper understanding of their current projects. This insight allows suppliers to customize recommendations and better support the individual Affiliates. In addition to iPROMOTEu-exclusive offers, Affiliates receive previews of upcoming new product launches and hear details about the latest trends. 

Special guest Dale Denham, President and CEO of PPAI, addressed the entire group with an inspirational speech during the opening night’s dinner. The following evening, all attendees were treated to a moonlight tour of Washington D.C.’s historical monuments including a stop at the Lincoln Memorial. 

“Our Supplier Showcase series has proven successful for many years, and I’m thrilled to say I believe this was our best one yet. The relationships between our Affiliates and suppliers grew even stronger and the potential business opportunities are now limitless” said Ross Silverstein, iPROMOTEu President and CEO. 

“iPROMOTEu’s Supplier Showcase is an amazing platform to dig deeper into your vendors’ product lines and capabilities” said Mary Quinlan of Q Group, a top iPROMOTEu Affiliate based in Bend, Oregon. “You also create personal relationships that will carry you through years to come when tackling unusual projects or when issues arise. You will experience fabulous venues, conversations, dining and regional activities while building relationships with your counterparts and vendors – truly a must do experience.” 

Tim Mason from supplier Fossa Apparel, Inc. said “There is not a better experience or meeting format in the industry than iPROMOTEu’s Supplier Showcase.” Likewise, Jessica Majors from IMAGEN Brands said “Thank you to the iPROMOTEu team for the outstanding work at the Supplier Showcase East. The event offered the perfect mix of work and fun that allowed us to create relationships, business opportunities and friendships that will continue well beyond the event.” 

iPROMOTEu’s next Supplier Showcase will again take place in Washington, D.C in September 2022.