New Global Sourcing Solutions Program Improves the Import Process for Small Businesses

Promotional product businesses have a new tool for sourcing promotional products anywhere in the world. iPROMOTEu Global Sourcing Solutions offers affiliates competitive pricing and peace of mind by managing many of the details involved with overseas supply chains.

“This will be a significant advantage for our affiliates,” said Joe Hoffmann, vice president of vendor management. “iPROMOTEu will use our knowledge of overseas suppliers to make the import process faster and easier. We can even source specialty items such as sustainable and fair-trade products. Whatever our affiliates want to offer, we want to help make that a reality.” Global Sourcing Solutions is designed to produce better results for importing promotional products.

Hoffman said the program offers industry-leading services:

  • Complete order management through delivery of the order
  • Product recommendations including mockups for qualified products
  • Quotes for U.S. delivery with a 24/48 hour turnaround target
  • Focus on social and safety compliance
  • Shipping options including standard ocean, fast vessel, and air freight

The program is designed to provide the services that large companies hire teams of logistics specialists to perform. iPROMOTEu affiliates can utilize that expertise without hiring specialized staff or taking time away from work to research overseas companies and regulations.

The Global Sourcing Solutions program builds on iPROMOTEu’s other longstanding services for distributors and sales professionals. iPROMOTEu is a one-stop shop existing promotional product distributors and sales personnel working to start, promote, or grow a distributorship business or brand while being their own boss.

Small businesses deserve easy, hassle-free imports 

Many iPROMOTEu affiliates are small or home-based businesses, without the time or staff to fully optimize their supply chain.

“Our affiliates shine at running their businesses—making personal connections, building partnerships, producing quality products and providing personalized service,” Hoffman said. “They’re setting strategy, doing their own marketing, allocating budgets, providing quality assurance, managing employees. While iPROMOTEu manages supply chain, we unleash the potential of all of these entrepreneurs to grow and succeed.”

Buying products from overseas can involve navigating different trade laws, languages, customs, tariffs, transportation systems, currencies and more. In addition, many affiliates value doing business with companies that treat workers fairly and use natural resources responsibly. It can be difficult for small businesses to research partners overseas, much less research the appropriate ways to do business with each.

2022 has seen a variety of new promotional product trends, including supply chain issues. The Global Sourcing Solutions program researches a wide variety of vendors and will give options to affiliates that they might not have discovered on their own.

“We created Global Sourcing Solutions to help our affiliates navigate international orders, which can be complicated,” Hoffman said. “If they want to order something like custom mugs from China, we will help with finding vendors, getting quotes, ensuring on-time delivery, communicating with the vendor and any follow-up. We facilitate that supply chain so our affiliates can concentrate on growing their business and delighting their customers.”

Ensuring high quality imported promotional products

The quality of affiliates’ products can have a significant impact on their customers’ success. According to the 2021 Consumer Study by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 94% of consumers like receiving promotional products, and 3 out of 4 consumers would likely switch brands if they received a promotional product from a company with whom they had not previously done business. Because these branded items make such a strong impression on consumers, iPROMOTEu recognizes the importance of ensuring that globally sourced promotional products meet affiliates’ high standards for quality, uniqueness and on-time delivery.

Interested? iPROMOTEu is here to help

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