2022 Promotional Product Trends

2022 Promotional Product Trends 

 As if a pandemic wasn’t enough of a worldwide disrupter, the global supply chain issues we are experiencing today are unprecedented. Almost every part of the promotional product delivery process from raw materials to finished goods is experiencing shortages or delays. As a result, we are seeing lower inventories and higher prices across the board in our industry.  

 With 2022 just around the corner, we’re taking a look at some new promotional product trends, predictions, and forecasts. Keep reading to see what’s in store for this upcoming year. 

 Promotional Product Availability 

 First and foremost, it’s all about availability with popular promotional products. “It doesn’t matter what’s hot or trending. If you can’t get it, it doesn’t matter,” shared Guy Dupuis, MAS, director of affiliate sales development at iPROMOTEu. Having alternatives and options to preferred promotional products will be important when ordering throughout 2022.  

 Especially with the 2021 holiday season underway, distributors need to over-communicate with their customers emphasizing the need to order sooner rather than later due to current inventory levels. “Start talking about future promotional product needs, including upcoming tradeshows and events,” Dupuis recommended.  

 Promotional Product Supplier Trends  

Suppliers are preparing for 2022 with a variety of different tactics and strategies to help get distributors the products they need. “Name brands are going to stay strong through the next year. That seems to be what a lot of people want to see these days,” shared Dupuis. “We see our suppliers selling those brands that were not in their wheelhouse before.” 

While combating the impacts from 2021 supply chain challenges, suppliers are emphasizing the improvements they have made with product availability. “Suppliers are starting to publish that their lead times are getting better and distributors are not having to wait three to four weeks. While still dealing with the current supply chain issues, suppliers are trying stay ahead and be more proactive for the upcoming year.  However, you still must deal with the shipping challenges,” said Dupuis.   

“[With the supply chain issues], we have not seen a steady improvement. It gets better and then it goes back to the same challenges we’ve been experiencing,” said Gary Goodhart, MAS, director of affiliate sales development at iPROMOTEu.  

Industry Promotional Product Forecast   

Various industries have continued to utilize promotional products throughout the pandemic. “Healthcare has always been a strong industry and will continue to be strong through 2022,” said Dupuis.   

However, there are some industries that are just now entering the promotional products market to help better serve their customers. “With the increase in in-person events, more companies are ordering now versus last year,” shared Dupuis.   

Because of today’s economic climate, manufacturing is an up-and-coming industry for promotional products due to the increase in recruitment and hiring efforts. In addition, distributors are also noticing an increase of promotional product orders in residential real estate focused industries, such as home builders, home insurance, lawncare, and landscaping companies.  

“Kitting and fulfillment will continue to be popular and we will see more customized boxes and messages for customers,” said Goodhart. For example, with colleges and universities, they might not be able to hand out promotional products in-person so they create kits with a variety of products that can be personalized for the students. Incorporating new and unique ways to reach customers will help distributors throughout 2022.  

As always, we recommend continuing to communicate and offer customers additional insights into other trends and offers for the next year. “Stay in front of your customers,” shared Goodhart.  

If you’re a promotional product distributor needing assistance with ordering for the holidays, we’re here to help. Connect with iPROMOTEu today to learn more or become an affiliate.