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It Takes Money to Make Money — But Preferably Not All of It

As a business owner or salesperson in the promotional products industry, you know what it’s like handling your own sales and marketing support. Every moment you spend not closing new deals is a loss to your business. While it may cost money to make money, managing sales and marketing support can be handled more strategically for cost-effective results.

Take sales support for example. Without sales coming in, nothing happens. But administrative tasks such as prospect calling, sending follow-up emails, managing database details, setting appointments, responding to RFPs, and handling other tasks shouldn’t occupy a significant amount of business leaders’ time. That time would be better spent on growing existing relationships, meeting with new prospects, and prioritizing time on high-revenue deals.

On the marketing side, it can take a long time to write, design, produce, and distribute marketing materials. If you don’t already have in-house support, you’d need freelancers or an agency (or internal team members who might not have the skill set). Printed materials are costly, and online advertising can get expensive when you’re competing against others.

And let’s not forget that for both sales and marketing, hiring specialized support staff is both time-consuming and expensive. Not only do you have to find the right person, but you have to train them, monitor them over the first few months, and ensure they’re set up for success. That takes time on your part while also draining your resources in paying their compensation, insurance, and so on — without them making an impact until they’re up and running.

Get Sales and Marketing Support from iPROMOTEu

We know what it’s like to be busy distributors and salespeople with the added stress of managing our own sales and marketing tasks. In fact, solving that problem was one of the many reasons why iPROMOTEu was founded — and why it’s grown so successfully over the past two decades. Our goal is to help Affiliates focus on the most important tasks that can drive their businesses forward and grow their revenue. Let’s explore several of the ways we do just that.

It All Starts with Our Expert Team

Our organization comprises some of the most experienced professionals in the industry. From seasoned executives with decades of experience in sales planning and business strategy to talented support teams with years of experience in the promotional products space, the iPROMOTEu team is the key to our Affiliates’ success. We support Affiliates’ success in the field and take that responsibility seriously. Since we were founded in 1999, we’ve helped numerous distributors and salespeople with sales and marketing support — see what they had to say.

In addition to our experienced leaders, iPROMOTEu offers sales and marketing specialists who provide 1:1 service and attention to Affiliates. This dedicated team can take virtually any sales- or marketing-related task off of Affiliates’ plates so they can prioritize their time elsewhere. Services range from tactical efforts like implementing our proven, award-winning marketing campaigns and helping with prospecting and account penetration to more strategic needs like coaching, reviewing RFPs, and overall sales and marketing planning. 

Sales Expertise Informs Sales Success

Selling is our passion, and it’s the passion of more than 1,100 affiliated distributors and salespeople that comprise our organization. The iPROMOTEu leadership team features experienced sales leaders and coaches that work with our Affiliates on a daily basis. Cliff Quicksell, our Vice President of Affiliate Marketing, has nearly 40 years of experience in the promotional products industry. Cliff works closely with our Affiliates to provide them with personalized coaching on their sales and marketing goals and to help them implement his award-winning marketing campaigns.

Gary Goodhart and Guy Dupuis, our Directors of Affiliate Sales Development, are also available to our Affiliates to help them build out their sales processes and grow their lead generation efforts. These two leaders dig in deep into Affiliates’ current sales process, performing a forensic analysis of existing opportunities while identifying new areas for lead generation within — and beyond — their region as well as with existing clients.

Proven Marketing is the Best Marketing

When it comes to marketing, it can be difficult for many Affiliates to know where to begin. Their backgrounds might not be in communications, design, writing, or advertising. To save them from putting too much time into creating materials and campaigns that may not perform, iPROMOTEu offers a number of proven, turnkey marketing campaigns that consistently produce 60–80% response and appointment rates. We also offer collateral to help Affiliates once they’re in the door with prospects, and campaigns to keep in touch with current customers over time. Our dedicated sales and marketing specialists can assist you with everything from graphic design to overall campaign implementation and monitoring.

A key feature of our marketing support is that everything produced remains branded to your business. Your name and identity are added to these materials and campaigns so you continue to remain the face of your business to the relationships you’ve worked hard to establish.

Resources for Ongoing Education and Networking

At iPROMOTEu, we believe in the power of our Affiliate network. We’re not a franchise — we support independent business owners and provide opportunities for them to learn from and with each other. We frequently host networking events, educational seminars, parties, workshops, and more to provide our Affiliates with the in-person growth opportunities they need to learn how to better market themselves, sell more promotional products, and grow their businesses like never before.

In the End, It’s All About Priorities

Whether you’re looking to take your business to the next level, or finally take some time off to enjoy a well-earned vacation with family and friends, our sales and marketing support eliminates time-consuming and costly tasks from your workload, streamlining them for better results and allowing you to focus on what you love to do. Our support specialists work closely with Affiliates around the U.S. and Canada on a daily basis to help them achieve their sales and marketing goals, and they’re ready to help you.

Whether you already operate a distributorship or are a salesperson looking to branch out on your own, iPROMOTEu offers the sales and marketing support you need to grow. We’d love to learn more about you, your business, and how we can help you reach your dreams.

Get in touch with our team today for a conversation that could change your career.