The entire staff at iPROMOTEu is top notch. We couldn’t ask for a better partner in this journey, because of you we will succeed in all we do. 

Kelly Martin
iPROMOTEu Affiliate since 2015

I have been affiliated with iPROMOTEu since 2004. I was with a franchise organization before iPROMOTEu. I did a lot of research before joining iPROMOTEu. I can you tell you that my years at iPROMOTEu have been great. They are a wonderful team to work with. I always feel like they are building the network for us and that they are always fighting to make our jobs easier. As long as I am in the industry, I can’t ever see leaving. There is no one who offers so much for such a reasonable cost. 

Greg Christman
iPROMOTEu Affiliate since 2004

iPROMOTEu has made such an impact on my business. iPROMOTEu’s funding allows me to approach larger clients, resulting in larger sales. 

Duane Chase
iPROMOTEu Affiliate since 2003

Affiliating with iPROMOTEu was a great business decision for me!  The myriad of services that they provide – invoicing, order follow-up, financing of orders, preferred vendor pricing, idea and resource exchange, etc. allow me the time to do what I do best and enjoy the most:  SELL.  My sales are up almost 30% from last year! My partnership with iPROMOTEu has been a profitable one in both dollars AND lifestyle. 

Naomi Bodway
iPROMOTEu Affiliate since 2006

This has been the best move I’ve ever made. 

Kevin Casci
iPROMOTEu Affiliate since 2008

It has been an amazing two years of educational growth thanks to Cliff Quicksell! He is an incredible coach and motivator. His support and continued encouragement has helped me tremendously.

Roe Moneta
iPROMOTEu Affiliate since 2013

The print and packaging division at iPROMOTEu has helped grow our business tremendously. We never realized the amount of business potential and margin there is in this part of the industry.

Richie & Jessica Parker
iPROMOTEu Affiliate since 2009

Growing my business has been stress-free thanks to iPROMOTEu.

Cindy Gibbs
iPROMOTEu Affiliate since 2005

The camaraderie, idea sharing and networking among iPROMOTEu Affiliates are unrivaled – these friendships and support networks are the intangibles to building your business. 

Shawna Tromczynski & Terri Molnar
iPROMOTEu Affiliate since 2006

The quality of work, continued enthusiasm and strive to always do better is just so impressive. 

Karen Major
iPROMOTEu Affiliate since 2014

Joining the iPROMOTEu affiliation was the best decision that I made for my business and family!

Richard Feiden
iPROMOTEu Affiliate since 2005

I’m extremely happy with my affiliation with iPROMOTEu, you guys mean the world to me. 

Bill Council
iPROMOTEu Affiliate since 2010

iPROMOTEu and its staff show me day after day that they are not like any other company. iPROMOTEu was the best decision I made when looking for a true partner in this industry.  

Ken Martasin
iPROMOTEu Affiliate since 2010

I appreciate that iPROMOTEu works very hard to make certain that each Affiliate feels valued and important. 

Trish Day
iPROMOTEu Affiliate since 2009

Thanks to you and the entire staff for the wonderful services and support you offer day after day. It’s an honor being one of your Affiliates. 

Stacee Matheson
iPROMOTEu Affiliate since 2006

The marketing pieces you’ve created for Affiliates are amazing! By showing clients a creative marketing solution that delivers results, instead of an “off-the-shelf” product, we immediately elevate the level of conversation. My response rate is at least 50%. More importantly, clients stop focusing on price, since the results are much more important and impressive. 

Jennifer Finley
iPROMOTEu Affiliate since 2015

I am leaving on vacation less stressed knowing that I have such good people taking care of my clients while I am out of the office. Thanks for keeping things moving and my clients happy and well served! 

Naomi Bodway
iPROMOTEu Affiliate since 2006

iPROMOTEu has been the best decision I’ve ever made. 

Chris Hartley
iPROMOTEu Affiliate since 2005

I absolutely love the ability to fill orders without the cash flow balance.  

Jamie Lopez
iPROMOTEu Affiliate since 2015

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