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Hello, this is the information needed to setup a new Operator login for iSUITE. This form can only be completed and submitted by a Contract Signer or someone with Signed Authorization from a Contract Signer. Once we receive the information, we can work with you to setup the new code in iSUITE and the Affiliate WebZone.

  • • We cannot start the process of creating a new code until the below form is completed in its entirety.
  • • Please note it does take at least 48-72 hours to set-up a new code in all systems once we receive the completed form.
  • • The operator code chosen is automatically selected by the system, so unfortunately, we will not be able to custom select a code for you.
  • • Once finalized, the login & password will work for iSUITE and the Affiliate WebZone.
  • • If we will be paying them commission, please be sure to provide a W9 and Direct Deposit information. This information can be sent directly to our Accounting Team at [email protected].

Please be sure to send this and any accounts changes and/or updates to: [email protected]

(If Different than Affiliate Organization)