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Why Order Financing is Key to Promotional Products Sales Success

Since iPROMOTEu was founded in 1999, one challenge has always risen to the top of those that prospective Affiliates share with us: the difficulty of securing large orders. Often, suppliers insist on credit applications, deposits or prepayments, and strict payment terms. And it’s not just for large orders — some suppliers require credit applications for small orders as well.

In situations like these, promotional products sales professionals are put in a hard spot. They want the order, but maybe they don’t have the cash or access to capital to make the deposit or prepayment. Accessing credit cards or home equity loans is not always an option. Maybe they have to ask the customer for a deposit. Or they have to hope their credit application is approved. Each of these scenarios also takes time — and time not spent on increasing revenue is time spent losing it.

At iPROMOTEu, this is an important reason why distributors and salespeople join our organization. There are simply too many barriers to a successful deal — whether it’s large or small. We believe that nothing should get in the way of your success, and that’s why we finance all orders that our Affiliates secure from their customers

Benefits of Order Financing in Promotional Products Sales

Any Order, Any Size

Approach large customers and go into promotional products sales meetings with new prospects or existing customers confident that no matter the size of the order, you’ll be able to handle it, as the financing challenges are no longer an issue. You take care of the sale, and we’ll handle the financing — and everything else. 

Preserve Your Cash Flow

It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-person distributorship or a large-scale operation — cash flow is important. The last thing you need is to have your funds tied up in orders for which you haven’t been paid. Order financing from iPROMOTEu allows you to seek and accept any size order while still preserving your existing cash that is needed to support your business. We’ll also take care of any deposits or prepayments as part of your order financing.

There’s No Risk to You

Credit applications are legally binding and stifle promotional products sales. There are terms and conditions that you must not only meet but also manage. Multiply this by the number of credit arrangements you have, and it quickly becomes an administrative burden. Because iPROMOTEu assumes this risk, you don’t have to worry about getting overwhelmed managing payment schedules, credit limits, and more.

Protect Your Relationships

Customers don’t want to be told that they must pay a deposit or prepayment for merchandise that they don’t have and must wait to receive. This has the potential to negatively impact your customer relationships. But deposits and prepayments are necessary at times. Our order financing eliminates this limiting and sometimes awkward obstacle.

Bottom Line: You Have a Business to Run

By having to deal with credit applications, deposits and prepayments, strict payment terms, and other barriers to a successful transaction, you’re increasing your organization’s workload. More tasks, more to-dos, and more responsibility creates more overhead, lost opportunities, and business risk. Order financing is your bridge between the sale and getting paid.

Ready to Start Selling Without Barriers?

At iPROMOTEu, everything we offer is designed to help you increase your promotional product sales while enjoying the freedom, support, and financial success you deserve. And with more than 1,100 affiliated distributors and salespeople across the United States and Canada, we’re helping our team realize their dreams every day. Order financing is one of the best ways we can help you realize your dreams, too.

iPROMOTEu has provided us with such unbelievable support. I cannot imagine not having them in my corner. They have helped us with everything from getting us the lowest prices available in the industry to assisting us with large down payments. 

Larry Stock, Livonia, MI (Affiliate since 2009)

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