josh dalton

Faces of iPROMOTEu is an ongoing collection of Affiliate success stories in their own words. In each post, our Affiliates share how iPROMOTEu has positively impacted their businesses and made a meaningful difference in their personal lives. Check the Faces of iPROMOTEu section often for new success stories!

Business Name: Dynamite Promotional Products

Location: Round Rock, TX

An Adjective That Best Describes Me: Great

Year Started in the Industry: 2003

Year Started with iPROMOTEu: 2006


iPROMOTEu allowed me to go from being a sales rep to being a successful business owner, FAST. Before iPROMOTEu all my efforts went towards creating a bright future for the owners of the company I worked for. iPROMOTEu allowed me to jump right into business ownership and build a BRIGHT future for my family and myself. Before iPROMOTEu, starting my own business meant that I would have had A LOT of overhead with accounting, invoicing, order follow up, etc. Fortunately, Ross and Rick created the perfect solution for me and every other promotional products salesman wanting to become a successful promotional product business owner. Thank you!


iPROMOTEu has helped me take smart risks and achieve my dreams. I’m not just talking the typical home ownership, cars, fun toys, etc. Thanks to iPROMOTEu’s support, I now own two homes outright (one on the lake); I own my cars outright; I have a FAT retirement and my family is set up for greatness for a very long time. I don’t say this to brag personally, but more to give thanks and recognition to iPROMOTEu for the part they’ve played in my life over the past eleven years. It is so valuable to me to know that there are people in the world (team iPROMOTEu) that have my back and fully support me. I am proud to call everyone at iPROMOTEu my friends. Thank you!