New Operator Setup Form


Below is the information needed to setup a new Operator login for iSUITE. This form can only be completed and submitted by a Contract Signer or someone with Signed Authorization from a Contract Signer. Once we receive the information, we can work with you to setup the new code in iSUITE and the Affiliate WebZone.
  1. We cannot start the process of creating a new code until the form has been submitted.
  2. Please note it does take at least 48-72 hours to set-up a new code in all systems once we receive the submission.
  3. The operator code chosen is automatically selected by the system. Unfortunately, we will not be able to customize a code for you.
  4. Once finalized, the login & password will work for iSUITE and the Affiliate WebZone.
  5. If we will be paying them commission, please be sure to provide a W9 and Direct Deposit information. This information can be sent directly to our Accounting Team at [email protected].
The 3 letter code you use to login to iSuite